Sunday, 20 July 2008


Monday 7 July 2008. As we came away from the amphitheatre we were starting to feel the effects of the sun and looking for a drink found something called a granite which was like a strawberry slush that was just right - as long as you didn't suck at the straw too much and get a brain-freeze!

We leave the amphitheatre and start to walk back along the shopping streets.

Every bit of shade is welcome but highly sought after as the temperatures are climbing steadily.

I reckoned it was time to apply more suntan cream. We sat on the stone steps to the right of the photo to put it on and, two scorched bums later, we got up rather quickly. Phew those steps were hot!

The main street had lots of shops and there were plenty of antiques shops amongst the more usual tourist knick-knack places. Some of the side alleys (on one side they went up and on the other side down, due to the town being on a hillside) had some delightfully narrow but quite colourful shops and displays.

Fran had seen these marzipan fruits and whilst wondering why people would eat the stuff rather than an actual fruit, it still made an interesting display!

Side streets and alleys going down to our left...

Side streets and alleys going up to our right...

Balconies everywhere. Stone balustraded ones, others with railings. This one with a face on the middle corbel!

It's always an uneasy feeling walking amongst so many shops... Luckily Miss Franny seemed ok with just looking...

We had been sauntering along and weren't sure how far we had gone, or how far it was to our meeting place.

But then we came to it with three quarters of an hour to spare. We met up with another couple from the boat that we had met at dinner the previous night. We agreed to go sit outside a local cafe bar and order a couple of beers! This is the life...

We walked through the archway and found the perfect place.

When it was turn for me to order I did so in Italian and gratifyingly the waiter immediately said "Si Signor!" and brought more beers which caused the guy we were with to cough and splutter in surprise! "Eh, the people we meet on holiday!" he said to his wife as though I were some sort of freak...

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