Friday, 14 September 2007

The Virgin Festival

Well that's enough to make my ears prick up... It was last week when Evy, one of the Ladies Over The Water, made a tiny comment in an email:
"I also received a weekend pass to our Virgin Festival here on Toronto Island."

Blimey, I thought, because I know she has a string of children, 5 ex-husbands, 3 or 4 lovers and a steady stream of workmen - although she's gone quiet about those recently... (I may have exaggerated here...)
"Evy - do you qualify???"

Then I got to thinking - what would the activities be at a Virgin Festival??? Hey! You!!! Keep it clean!!! But you see what I mean?

Then it got worse. She said, "I think I have decided to go to the Virgin Festival for just the one day. They are suppose to have a goody bag for me." Ok - now your minds are working overtime - a goody bag for virgins... What would be in... whoops - there's more:
"Anyway, I don't plan on staying long but I've never been and want to see what it's all about."

See I told you she didn't qualify! She's forgotten what it's all about!!!

And then afterwards:
"I went to the Virgin Festival yesterday at Toronto Island. Yes John, they did let me in. LOL It was a pretty good day. My daughter went with me."

Now that's just taking the mickey!!

"We didn't get to see all that there was to see but that's okay." Well yes, being a virgin you wouldn't know what you were missing I suppose?

The mind boggles...

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