Tuesday, 23 December 2008

York Minster

This evening shot of York Minster was taken in December 1997 and I was lucky in getting the low winter sunlight on the front of this glorious cathedral.

Earlier in the year I had climbed up the tower - a rather testing feat of legs and stamina! What a view from the top though!

The Minster is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in England and is set in the heart of a city with plenty of sights and attractions. It is well worth a visit for anyone who has the chance.

We have missed going this year - a visit to York in December has been a regular occurrence for several years but this year, somehow, we haven't made it.

Perhaps we'll make an early visit in 2009.

Yikes! 2009!!! It only seems like 5 minutes ago there was all that fuss over the new Millenium!

Large version of the photo: York Minster

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  1. Yes --- climbing to the top of the York Minster in 1997 - and finding a "Please do not smoke" sign halfway up - it feels like a lifetime ago. I remmeber how clear the air was, and how we could see the wall around the beautiful old city.


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