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6 August 1996

It's raining hard as we have breakfast and we hear a rumble of thunder.

Prolongued discussion about what to do and where to go and we eventually head for Mevagissy where we have never been before.

The car park at Mevagissy involves driving along the sea wall with water at the bottom of the sheer drop to the left and cars leaving the car park squeezing between you and the safety of the bit of road next to the buildings!

The rain had reduced to showers every now and then and the water was crystal clear even in what was obviously a working harbour. Huge rocks stretched out from the stone-built harbour wall, showing how little the builders had reclaimed from the sea, and various kinds of seaweed waved gently, green, red and brown, ten to fifteen feet beneath the surface.

Mevagissy was beautiful.

The village had very very narrow streets and yet were carrying traffic in both directions. There was a traffic warden kept very busy sorting out which of two head to head cars, each with a long queue of other cars nose to tail behind them should reverse to let the other pass. If ever a traffic warden earned his pennies it was this guy.

As we left the village, my sister-in-law Joyce driving the other car with my brother Frank, their daughter Heather and Mum and Dad in it. We followed with daughter Gill in ours. Joyce was leading but was behind a delivery van. It stopped on a steep incline and I put on my handbrake, prepared to wait but she screeched the wheels and shot through the narrowest gap you can imagine.

Fran said "Well Joyce got through so you can!" but I went through very slowly! The following day Dad described the event as follows:

"Frank was saying 'You'll have to slow down, SLOW DOWN! ...well maybe not...'
Joyce was saying 'Is there enough room? I don't know if there's room...' but zoomed through at breakneck speed anyway!"

Both Mum and Dad closed their eyes expecting to hit either the van or the wall and none of us know how she did it!

Large versions of the photos: quayside buildings, fishing gear

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