Saturday, 1 December 2007

In The Land of Ant & Dec

Sorry folks! A couple of quiet days there!

I spent Wednesday to Friday in Newcastle and evenings were as busy as days! Well, to be honest, on Wednesday night I had to keep up with Heroes of course. I may not have reviewed all that many episodes but the past few weeks it's been getting better and better and this week's double episode finale will find me in London again - will I get chance to watch it? Will Fran manage to record it?

I got back to the hotel on Thursday night to be confronted by two very excited girls with writing all over their arms...

"Maroon 5 are in the hotel," they shrieked. "One took my glove!" said one, holding up her ungloved hand.
"That was a bit mean..." I said. Confusion spread across her face for a moment.
"No...! I gave it to him!"

Anyway, I'm afraid I wouldn't have recognised a Maroon 5 if I'd fell over one. Or five... Be fair though - if someone had said to them that the guitarist from Creeping Bentgrass was in the hotel they would probably have thought the same!

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