Sunday, 2 December 2007

Bath Time for Yoghurts

Dan One must be well past his sell-by date now, but is still keen to take care of himself.

He's having a daily bath and squeezing every last drop of water away by putting himself through the mangle to get dry.

He obviously owes his longevity to his pro-biotic nature and is still fit and active whilst all around, lesser goods like turkeys and certain brands of mince pies are dropping like flies! (Although, you'd think that the mince pies with rubber in would bounce if dropped...?)

Anyway December is now on us - that season of crowded supermarkets and ill-will to fellow shoppers as they grab the last non-exceedingly bouncy mince pie that you had your eye on. If you head for the supermarket this month, watch Finding Nemo first - especially the scene with the seagulls...

"Mine!" "Mine!" "Mine!"

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