Friday, 1 June 2007


I have to admit to being a terrible hoarder. There are all sorts of collections strewn about the house.

I bought a jukebox because I had a load of records I never played and then, having got a jukebox, I went out and bought a load more records... Anyway, I thought it was time to get some reader feedback going here! I'm looking for memories of Dansettes - record players that you could sit on the floor with, perhaps cuddled up to someone or perhaps on your own, playing your favourite 45s or maybe even 78s!

What sort of Dansette did you have? What sort of music did you play? When you wanted to have fun, when you were feeling sad, lonely, rebellious? Email me with your memories or simply add them as feedback on this article. Feedback entries have to be approved by me before they appear - so links to inappropriate websites and to businesses unless relevant will not be approved!

To get in the mood take a look at the web site of this collector who has 150 Dansettes!

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