Friday, 17 September 2010

Ambleside at Dusk

Every now and then you have to do something on impulse. This particular one didn't end up with a slapped face...! Fran has been working some grotty shifts recently. Either we have been up at the crack of dawn so she can be in work at 7:00am or she has been working late. A couple of times a 10:00pm finish has been followed by a 7:00am start.

The other day she finished at 4:30pm and arrived home looking like she didn't want to do a right lot. I offered to cook or we could go out for a meal. She chose the latter. Now stop right there that reader - yes, you! My cooking is not so bad!

So she got changed and we set off and motored north into the Lake District, heading across to Newby Bridge and then up the eastern side of Lake Windermere until we reached Ambleside.

We parked the car and walked up into the village and had a meal in a pub. It was just starting to go dark when we came out and I suggested a walk before returning to the car and heading for home.

We walked up as far as the Bridge House - the tiny cottage sitting on top of a bridge over the river. It was in darkness and not offering a great photograph at that time of evening so I concentrated more on shops or pubs that were lit up.

Arriving back at the car we ignored the motorways and ambled down the A6 through Milnthorpe, Lancaster and Caton before turning off towards Blackpool just after Garstang. We were home by 9:00pm but it had made a good change. Hurray for the simple things in life!

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  1. A quite,calm,night by the feel those photos produce. The streets seem to crowd the sidewalks but if there is little traffic I can imangine it a wonderfull village to live in.

  2. The streets were built long before cars were around - it's in one of our National Parks and as such is now normally crowded with cars at least during summer days.


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