Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Snow at The Needles

If you can remember as far back as May, you may remember a post with a photograph of Lord Nelson's flagship The Victory which lies in permanent dry dock in Portsmouth.

We were on holiday at the time in February 1996 and despite the cold weather it was quite a good holiday that we spent moving from place to place.

One morning we had got up in Southsea to find snow on the ground and seeing the ferry in the background gave us the idea of going over to the Isle of Wight.

We braved the cold weather on the deck of the ferry and then drove around the coast of the island stopping here and there when we felt brave enough to leave the warmth of the car.

We had to stop at The Needles of course, though my feet got cold and wet from tramping through the snow to take a couple of photos.

We definitely did not do the Isle of Wight justice! Though on that particular day it was a mite inhospitable. I have a tape recording of the wind whistling like a banshee through the rigging of yachts moored at the side of the pier at Yarmouth and we got soaked in a downpour on our brief charge from the car into a large pearl centre where Fran talked me into buying her a string of pearls!

Someday, hopefully someday in the nearer rather than distant future, we will have to return on a warmer day and enjoy what the Isle of Wight has to offer!

Larger Versions of the Photos: ferry at Southsea, The Needles

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