Friday, 12 September 2008

Island Star Deck Party

Thursday 28 August 2008.

If you ever sail on the Island Star then don't miss the Thursday night deck party. At this party all the senior officers of the ship, including the captain, line up above the pool deck and perform a dance routine.

This particular night there was a stiff breeze on the Mediterranean and for the only time on the entire cruise (or any of the 4 cruises we've done on the Med) we were cold! It must have felt freezing up on the balcony of the sun decks.

I'd spent the night on my own after Fran and Mum decided to go for the Ladies' Night pampering up in the spa salon. I watched the show and explained to the bar staff several times where "Mom Evelyne" was - huh? She was in her element all week as they all made a fuss of her!

Can you believe it? Tomorrow is our last day!

Larger version of the photo: Island Star Deck Party

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