Sunday, 12 April 2009

Weymouth Wanderings

Monday 9 August 1993. Our south coast holiday today takes in Weymouth.

A typical south coast town with a busy harbour and lots of comings and goings to watch. Unfortunately the weather wasn't particularly kind this day but who cares, when you holiday in the UK you soon learn to just get on with it!

Lots of atmospheric old pubs down by the quayside. Some of them no doubt were used to the sight of the Press Gang at some point in their history - that somewhat brutal way of taking any able-bodied men who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and enforcing naval service on them regardless of whether they were married, or whatever their circumstances. It could be many years before such men saw their homes again, if indeed they ever did.

A large warehouse complex known as Brewers Quay had been transformed into a shopping mall with a collection of small outlets and cafes and we had our lunch there before resuming our exploration of the harbour. A large Seacat ferry was gliding in and gave us a bit of added interest.

Large versions of the photos: harbour, pub, shopping

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