Friday, 17 October 2008

My PC's Not Well At All...

Alas and alack I'm having one of those periods where inanimate objects are out to get me.

At the moment it's my home PC which has given up the will to play and I've had to restore it - which means all the way back to it's original self something like 5 years ago and it still thinks Wanadoo exists, if not Freeserve...

And can I remember my passwords to set up the Internet again? And all the software? All my data is securely on an external hard drive so no problems with that but I'm coming round to the idea it's not worth spending all this time and grief on a 5 year old machine.

So, readers, the key message is:

Please don't send me any emails to the Freeserve address!

Use instead my second (now only) personal email - I'm sure you know where to put @ signs and dots!

I'm away from home all next week so not a lot of point trying to sort out stuff this weekend - I might indulge myself and do some music instead!

Just before the PC went bye bye I reconfigured all the music links in the left hand column so they should all be working again now. All links to music on this blog are my own music - ie me playing all instruments and singing all the voices.

The band's music can be found on the band's blog.

Another thought has struck me. The PC demise may well spell the demise of my websites too - if I move away from Orange which I may well do. So these blogs and the Flickr account will have to do!

I'll try to recreate some of the websites as articles on here anyway. It might help me when I'm struggling to think of something!

Sigh, the Aston Martin purchase leaps further away - again!!!

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