Friday, 10 October 2008

More Dansettes

Another of the Dansette style record players I've had in various states of disrepair!

This example came from the antiques and collectables warehouse, Bygone Times near Chorley in Lancashire.

It looked good but when I tried to move the switches they immediately came away in my hand. They had been broken and "fixed" with a weak glue that was not strong enough to stand the pressure required to turn the switches. I had to replace them with the knobs you see here, being unable to find anything that resembled the originals.

For a while the record player worked quite well though. Eventually however, this didn't last long as the electrics were shot. The amplifier went, then the belt drive and in the end I scrapped it and went looking for another! Which I'm sure will turn up in an entry before all that long!

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