Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Ice at Cheddar Gorge

After leaving Wookey Hole on 23 February 1996 we drove to Cheddar and down the famous gorge.

Come on, keep up... what do you want? All these memories in order???

Anyway Cheddar Gorge was absolutely deserted. No cars. Nobody on foot. Not even a car park attendant wanting money for parking in one of the many deserted lay-bys.

The temperature had dipped considerably and even with the heater on in the car we were concious of the cold.

We stopped near a cave and got out to peer in and to stretch our legs. Phew! It was cold!

In fact it was so cold that water running down the cliff face had frozen and there were huge patches of ice clinging to the sides of the gorge.

We drove down further towards the tourist attractions but they were all shut. Even the shops were shut.

Had been, in fact for some time perhaps, because one of them had a string of bells hung outside with all the rest of the Christmas decorations and the bells were electronically ringing out Good King Wencelas the sound carrying all the way up and down the deserted street giving a quite eerie rather than cheery effect.

It was our last call of the holiday. A holiday that had taken us in order to:

The Isle of Wight
Corfe Castle
Wookey Hole Caves and Museum

We had also been to Eastbourne, Bognor Regis, Brighton and Bournmouth during the holiday - a measure of how cold it was and therefore much better to be in the car than outside!

Large Versions of the Photos: car at the cave, ice on the cliffs

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