Sunday, 10 August 2008

Some Web Sites Down

I'm sorry to have to announce that some of my web sites are down at the moment.

They are all of the sites hosted on Orange's MySite servers. They include the pages covering :

  • our Paris trip in 1999

  • our Austrian Trip of 2000

  • our Amsterdam trip in 2001

  • our Disneyland Paris trip in 2001

  • our cruise around the Canary Isles in 2004

  • Sorrento in 2005

  • our Mediterranean cruise of 2006

  • my Nostalgia site (which I know is a popular one)

  • my London site

  • my Sketches site
I've reported the problem to Orange and am now waiting a resolution. I can still see the files by opening an FTP connection so it must be something to do with the URLs or something.

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