Monday, 4 August 2008

Cack-Handed Record Player

Every now and then (when I'm fed up enough) I go through my photos to see whether I was doing anything this day 5, 10, 15 whatever years ago. In 1998 I'd gone to the antiques warehouse GB Antiques in Lancaster.

We came across this rather strange record player, though quite admirably I resisted buying it! The casing is a bit weird in that the lid seems to cover the entire thing rather than sitting on a bottom half. Then a closer look at the record deck itself made me wrinkle the noble brow in surprise. The pickup arm rests at 90 degrees to the usual resting place. It looks almost back to front! Unfortunately it didn't have a maker's or model name, so unless someone can identify it and leave a comment then it will have to remain a mystery for another ten years or so...

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  1. A FaceBook comment from my knowledgeable friend Jim - Your cack handed record player is an HMV 1507 portable radiogram. The type C cartridges almost never work when found now. It's a cack handed design alright. The radio part is a transformerless AC/DC design but the record deck motor is AC only.


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