Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Temple Street Blackpool 1968-2012

Another pairing with photos from 1968.

In 1968 Temple Street ran from Church Street to Victoria Street. On the corner of Church Street was the Stone-Dri Weatherwear shop selling raincoats. Above it was Gilbert Hair Fashions on the first floor with the School of Hair Fashion on the top floor.

Now it's the Pound Store with The Med, Mediterranean Restaurant upstairs. Next door the stately-sounding Stead & Simpson would have hidden their eyes at the sight of what was to come!

Down Temple Street was a carpet shop, the Temple Grill and Restaurant, and J.N. Diggle & Sons' Temple Toys toyshop.

It now looks much less enticing...

The rebuilding of Victoria Street cut off the southern end of Temple Street and it now ends in a small car park, litter and large wheeled waste bins that seem to have been strewn at random.

Looks nice on Victoria Street...

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  1. I think Hallmark and Gill the builders Merchants were in temple St in the 1930s - My Mum used to work for them. Now Temple St isnt even on Google Street view!

  2. We used to live in Temple Street in the 1940s, in a building at the back of the Boarding house in Victoria street, you can see a bit of it in one of the photos.

  3. I remember the Temple Grill well the food was very good all homemade and fresh produce.

  4. yes, I remember the temple grill from the 1960s when I was a small child, the kitchen was up 3 steps, the had a lady who served the drinks by the name of Beatrice, the food was 100% brilliant, that's why it was always busy.

    1. I worked at the Temple Grill after I left Palatine school in 1967 till 1970. brilliant place to work, lovely people ,very fond memories.

  5. I used to work there as a commi chef,from leaving Palatine school in1967 till 1970. brill place to work . Was owned at that time by two brothers.


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