Saturday, 20 August 2011

Cruising the Adriatic Explorer

Did you miss me? Sorry about that, but I've been re-stocking with new experiences to bring you. I have to research every now and then - life cannot be just a steady stream of fun.

12 August 2011. So whilst everyone else was thinking about the start of their holiday, Miss Franny and I boarded the Thomson Spirit after flying to Corfu last Friday (12 August) ready to log our experiences to brighten these pages of academic learning. A hard life, but someone's got to do it... The Spirit is the sister ship to the Thomson Celebration and is identical in layout and names of bars, restaurants etc. so that we knew our way about immediately. "Where are we now? Fran asked, halfway up a flight of stairs. Well... almost immediately, then...

We arrived in the afternoon so there wasn't any time to explore Corfu. By the time we had unpacked, settled in and ensured the Horizons Bar matched the Celebration, dined and lounged about some more in the Horizons, the sun was going down. Quite spectacularly as it happened. So if you are looking for info about Corfu, then search for it at the top of the page. You'll find it!

Here, we'll just take a turn around the Promenade Deck which on this ship is Deck six. On this deck you can walk a full circuit of the ship without going back indoors. Five times around means you have walked a mile. Ten times around means you should have got off and walked into town...

It's warm. I've never known Corfu to be anything else really. But this is our first day and even 20 degrees, never mind thirty-odd would have felt warm to us shivery Brits!

It was a beautiful night and a near-as-full-as-makes-no-difference moon had risen to throw a cascade of pearly white along the water as straight as the flight of Cupid's arrow.

"Are you done?" asked Miss Franny, "We've been up since two o'clock this morning and I want to go to sleep!" Sigh...

Well then, here we are. Corfu, Greece, about to set off for Kotor on Montenegro also in Greece. Then will come a day at sea, a day in Slovenia, one in Venice, Italy and two in Split then Dubrovnik in Croatia. Most of those so close to the place where we'll dock that this is the first holiday (whoops! I mean "academic research trip"!) that we'll do without taking a single paid excursion. We're such meanies! More to come...

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