Monday, 10 March 2008

There's No Business Like Snow Business

Far too long since I mentioned the Ladies-Over-The-Water.

Evy, who lives in Mississauga (which isn't even anywhere near the Mississippi) sent this photo of her street after shovelling solidly for three days and nights with just a knife and fork to clear her drive.

Now the last time I saw snow like this I was:

a) just a kid
b) in a bright white room and imagining
c) in a cinema watching Scott of the Antarctic

Mississauga is somewhere near Toronto in Canada. Evy writes: "Okay, the drive is cleaned out. It's very narrow at the end of it though but we should be able to get the cars out. When we are more refreshed, we'll go out and see if we can widen it. It sure would be nice to have the double drive back one of these days. With this photo, I think you'll get a pretty good idea with the car in the driveway. You might also take note of the car driving down the street and compare the snowbank next to it. Yesterday's storm is wild."

Marlene, who lives just a snowfall away in Brampton had said yesterday; "We had more snow and don't know where to put it any more - I should send an updated shot of what our street looks like now, since the one taken on Feb. 23 - and we were told to expect another 30 cm / 2 ft (eeek!) this weekend!"

Sheesh. We had a bit of snow falling the other weekend for ten minutes. Didn't stick...


  1. Sorry --- but I made a mistake (and nobody called me on it, except my son ---) 30 cm isn't 2 ft, Mom! Where he is in Ottawa, they DID have close to that (52 cm) over the weekend. He said he shoveled snow to a heap that was over his head. I'll send some pics later today (Monday).

  2. Just in case anyone else wonders - the red car is Evy's in her drive. When she says the end of the bit she had dug out is narrow, she doesn't mean that narrow - that little channel is a walking path along the front of the houses!


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  4. (sorry - tried to edit the previous coment, and could only delete it. )
    It is an adventure driving on unploughed streets. The main routes are ploughed quickly, but the smaller residential streets have to wait. Your car is thrown every which way in the deep loose snow. At least after all this snow we've had, drivers are getting more careful, but still, during Saturday's storm (25 cm around the Toronto area and 52 cm in 48 hours in Ottawa), there were still 1400 crashes around Toronto!


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