Tuesday, 2 October 2007

What Do You Remember?

Someone asked me what it was that I remember most about holidays.

If you have a look at my website you'll see we have been fortunate enough to have travelled fairly widely over western Europe.

Well I remember lots of things because I always make a point of taking lots of photographs and then using them as a basis for a written description when we get back. That's what the website is really about - it's so I can remember stuff when I'm 90!

But what I remember most are the odd bits of unintentional humour - those things that just happen that make you fall about laughing either at the time or later.

For instance - we were in Verona for a day's excursion from Lake Garda in 2003. We spent a lot of that holiday in the company of Kell and Denise Traynor from New Zealand who proved to be excellent company, were well travelled and knowledgeable themselves and who both had a good sense of humour.

We were taken to this small courtyard (above right) to see Juliet's balcony. William Shakespeare made it a crucial and memorable scene in "Romeo and Juliet" and Juliet herself certainly existed and had a balcony. Of Romeo there are no records at all, although there was certainly a family feud.

Anyway it was a warm day and we had been walking for a few hours. The four of us went to sit under the arched gateway to the courtyard and I was sitting next to a large Italian man who all of a sudden let out an enormous fart, like a clarion call to the gods...

Kell, who was furthest away from me shot me a look of horror - perhaps he thought it had been me, I'm not sure, but we soon dissolved into giggles and then laughter and at the point where someone said "Phwoar... Romeo!!!" the Italian got up and left us without looking back!

It was stupid, infantile and all the rest but it will make me smile for a long time to come!

So what do you remember most about holidays?

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