Thursday, 25 October 2007

Meccano Memories

When I was a nipper this was the must have expensive toy.

Most of the Meccano bits we had were originally my Uncle David's, though Mum and Dad added to it from time to time.

My best memories of it are not so much making models from it but using some of the angled pieces resting on piles of books to create marble runs. Where you put a marble at the top and it ran along the bits of Meccano, down allyways made from more books and onto other bits of Meccano.

Why did I not take any photos of those??? Probably because I was too busy playing with them!

Look at how the lad in the advert is dressed too. We did wear shirts, ties, pullovers and sometimes blazers too in the house. There was no central heating, only coal fires and until they got going and had been going for some time it was cold in winter!

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