Sunday, 14 October 2007

My Main Record Deck

In response to a couple of emailed questions, the record deck I use most of the time is this one.

It's a Pro-Ject with a built-in speed box for push button speed changing from 33⅓ to 45rpm. On most Pro-Ject decks this required lifting the platter - the turntable and moving the belt from one pulley to another.

I still need to do that to play 78rpm records and they also require a special stylus as the grooves are so much wider than on the more modern records. Finally, it has a built-in pre-amp so that I can plug the player into either modern amplifiers that do not have phono inputs or straight into the line-in socket on my PC. A deck like this will not play on its own - it needs to be plugged into a separate amplifier and speakers, but your PC will stand in quite happily in this regard. Cost will be around £250 sterling.

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