Saturday, 21 July 2007

Treasure Hunt - Open to All!

Aha!!! My regular readers will know I love Curiosities.

Well, thanks to Margot, the young lady in the photo, we can now all go in search of one I'd never heard of before. She writes:

Hello John
Here is a picture taken in about 1953 with my Dad on the North pier where he had the telescope at the time. When I visit Blackpool and the N pier there is still the framework remaining of the lock up box under a seat next to one of the huts and when I look at it I always think not many people would know that.

I like looking at your site as I was born in Blackpool and went to school there in the 40-50's .

Kindest Regards
Margot *******

Many thanks for the email Margot, well there we go folks - I'm on record for getting excited at "hills" that used to be called "defences" so how about a framework that used to be a lock-up box for a telescope? First one to find it and send me a photo gets a mention!

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  1. I was nearby to North Pier today, so had a stroll down there (first time in 30 years !! HaHa). Couldn't see the mystery box, but took this pic of a kiosk with a box under the seats to the right

    give us a clue...where exactly is it ??



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