Friday, 27 April 2007


I went a bit mad on Wednesday night and went for a walk to pick Fran (wife) up from work instead of driving there. Took the camera with me just in case and was glad I did as the sun was starting to disappear and the colours were quite vivid.

Normally I don't expend this much effort once the evening stodge is working its way down the digestive system but I've been zooming around the country for work as previous entries will show and therefore was feeling perhaps a little guilty about being a lazy bugger...

It's my mate Alex's fault probably anyway - he keeps telling me he's off to the gym 6 nights a week trying to get in shape. I think if I was that energetic I'd be in shape but too knackered to enjoy it!

The traipse up to Sainsbury's and back is enough for me. Fran decided she was starving and we had to pass the chippy anyway... Perhaps I'll drive next time...

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