Saturday, 21 April 2007

Nostalgia Day

It does you good every now and then to reflect back on where you came from and what led you to where you are now.

Not that I'm a great one for digging into the family past but my maternal grandfather had a go at tracing his family tree once in an unsuccessful bid to find a claim to a fortune that is held forever waiting for a member of the Metcalfe family to prove their right when the relevant records disappeared in a church fire long before records were collected and held centrally. So all you Metcalfes, don't get too excited now ok???

He did find out that one of our ancestors fought at Agincourt. In the battle of 1415 I mean, not some football match scrum outside the gates of the local ground...

Frank Metcalfe, Grandad, passed on several years ago but one of the things that came to light was this photograph of him as a two year old in 1910, with his father who was also Frank, his grandfather Charlie and the old head of the family, whose name I don't know but he must be my great-great-great-grandfather! If you hanker after the old days, have a click of the link for "Nostalgia" below. That should bring back a few memories of the 1950-70s!

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