Sunday, 29 May 2016

Magic Kingdom: Anna and Elsa, Diamond Horseshoe, and a Flirt On A Bendy Bus

Tuesday 26 April 2016, sometime after the trauma induced by the It's a Small World song...

In an attempt to shake off the song, which is going through our heads like an ear-worm, we indulge in a good old-fashioned (new-fashioned with lasers...) shoot-out in The Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. Great fun!

We all go to meet Queen Elsa and Princess Anna from Frozen. The temperature remains bearable and Grace is proudly wearing her Frozen gown which has so far spent the day in Gill's backpack.

Even Minnie was getting into the Frozen spirit! Rather too well perhaps - she was frozen stiff, not able to move at all!

We have a meal booked at a restaurant in Frontierland and we head back that way to find the Liberty Belle just leaving on another journey around Tom Sawyer's Island. (I still haven't read the book...)

Our meal is at The Diamond Horseshoe, a western saloon. Sadly there were no swinging half-shutter doors to swagger through... Jus' plumb disappointin'...

The meal was an assortment of items placed in a central dish. I really enjoyed it - there were baked beans included which were pretty much our first sight of hot vegetables since we arrived over a week ago. I was getting my five-a-day from fruit and whatever vegetable extract there might be in my ration of one fizzy drink a day!

They could have made so much more of the venue though - the setting and interior were really evocative of the wild west. There should have been some singing and dancing girls, a shooting or a fist fight or something... Sadly in line with Disney's strict no alcohol rules in the parks, there was not even any gut-rot whisky for the bar tender to slide along the bar. The main entertainment feature was a self-player piano which came to life every 20 minutes or so for a single song. And, whoops, what has Fran said to Gill...?

We finish the meal and leave the EGGs who were going to stay for the night time parade. Us crumblies need our rest... In particular my legs are suffering from a rash of prickly heat due to the temperatures once again hitting the mid 90s. My calves are a blotchy red and itching like madness.

Now I'm home I keep finding I wish I'd taken photos of so many things that never occurred to me at the time... The buses for instance. Eddie is a bit of a bus enthusiast and had been frustrated as, although we saw quite a few, we had yet to travel on a bendy bus. We came back to our resort earlier than the EGGs on this particular night and thought it quite funny that a bendy bus turned up to take us back. I took a photo of it - to the obvious delight of the woman standing near the bendy bit, who is probably thinking I fancied her and was taking a photo of her... What? With my legs???

Back at the Jamaica stop at Caribbean Beach Resort. Eddie did manage to get a ride on a bendy bus the next day so he was only indignant for a few hours...

When we got back to our room I was going for a shower and wondered where all the towels were... They were being artistic next to the TV...

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