Saturday, 30 July 2011

Holidays on Blackpool Beach

I've delved into the big plastic box that contains Miss Franny's life secrets from before she met me... I've selected a couple from the late 1950s or early 60s, that show her on holiday with her parents and brother, Bob. Sorry about this Bob... I'm sure Mary might possibly have a good laugh though...

Fran thinks both of the photos may be of Blackpool. It was a regular holiday destination from Rochdale - I know because my parents did the same thing with my brother and I.

Even if we had a week in Great Yarmouth, we nearly always had a few days in Blackpool aswell.

We think this is Blackpool because you wouldn't be able to make sand pies like that in Great Yarmouth!

Bob and Peggy (on the right), Fran's parents, would go with an extended family group to Blackpool and would choose the same spot on the beach so that if any children wandered off or any adults wanted to spend some time doing their own thing, it was easy even well before mobile phones were thought of, to find the family again. Well... relatively easy. The beach, as you can see, used to be pretty tightly packed with deck chairs! Mobile phones! Ha! At the time of this photo you were "posh" if you had a telephone in the house!

The preferred spot was just south of the Central Pier. Here I presume Bob is taking the photo and young Bob, then known as "Rob" has joined his mother and sister. Ice cream has been secured by the looks of things!

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