Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Farewell to Korčula

Monday, 4 May 2009. We are still in Korčula and have made our way round the town after crossing the hill and reaching the coast on the other side of the island.

Walking a little further we found we were at the foot of the steps from the fortified gateway that we saw on my previous entry.

Moving down the street opposite there was a low ring of stone around a large decorated bowl and we sat on the stone wall whilst I sketched the gateway.

Not one of my best efforts, I have to say, as I made the gateway opening much too big and therefore realised that the steps would have to stop going up! But hey - it passed some time and it is at least recognisable!

Just a short distance away was the seafront and a squat and very robust looking tower in the Martello style.

A pleasant circular sun-trap gave us a view of Ocean Village Two from this very attractive area.

Looking away from the town centre along the coast.

We set off to walk along the coast past the Martello tower and found ourselves back at the spot where the tender boats were pulling in, having walked a complete circle around the city.

The tender boats were bobbing up and down a bit and some of the passengers remarked how rough it was. I sincerely hope they never see a rough sea then, if they thought that was rough! I think I'd have called it slight!

So this concludes our look at Korčula and, indeed, Croatia for this holiday. Tomorrow will see us in Corfu.

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