Monday, 16 June 2008

Blackpool Sea Defences

Well this isn't fair at all is it? The only thing I had to build sandcastles with when I was a lad was a bucket and spade!

I've had a day off work today and whilst Fran had a bit of a shopping excursion in Blackpool I wandered down the Promenade to the Central Pier to see how the work on the new promenade was coming along. The work has been going on for quite a long while and the workers seem to be cleverly doing little bits here and there perhaps with the intention of unveiling it all at once, or perhaps because the bloke who hoovers up at the end hasn't turned up yet? Perhaps there's still a few days work left yet because another gang of men were busy painting the old railings...

Anyway, this is a splendidly deep hole they were digging with their diggers, egged on by a row of holiday makers and sightseers along the railings of Central Pier. The other digger was employed digging in a pipe so that the blue pump could empty the puddle in the foreground. Bet it fills up again when the tide comes in... In fact so will that dirty great hole they were digging, so I hope no one wanders down the beach and fancies a paddle or they could end up having a bit of a surprise!

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