Sunday, 25 November 2007

Lift Up Your Eyes!

They say that Londoners rarely lift their eyes above street level.

If that's true then they miss out on some wonderful artistic architecture. I am more at risk in London of bumping into bollards or small children through gawping gormlessly upwards, looking for those little and not-so-little details that London buildings seem to have in abundance.

Here we were in South Molton Street as Jeannie was looking for the Butler & Wilson store. I was pounced on as soon as I walked in as I had my camera around my neck.

"You can't take photos in here!" I was told sternly. I hadn't tried to. I'm not sure whether they were worried about someone stealing their designs or what, but I had a similar experience in Harrods once in 1995 when I had no intention of taking photos and I've never been back in there since. Get a life...

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