Friday, 23 November 2007

Glimpse of the Past

This somewhat risque postcard was sent by Frank who was on holiday in Blackpool.

It was posted on the 5th August 1909 to his mother and sister in Bradford. Frank was staying in a guest house on Central Drive and seemed to be enjoying himself doing what young men have always gone to Blackpool to do. In fact you have to wonder what on earth he was getting up to... On the other hand would he tell his mother and sister everything or is there a more innocent meaning? Or is it simply my interpretation of dodgy handwriting?

"Dear Mother and Sister", he writes, "we are having a beautiful time, the weather is simply glorious the sun is shining and we are having high tides in the heat. Good grub. Good lodgings. Nice girls fine tarts & etc etc you know etc etc


What??? Frank, you little devil!!!

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