Saturday, 9 July 2011

Mediterranean Explorer, August 2006

The year before I started this blog, we took our first cruise on the Island Star on a tour called the Mediterranean Explorer. I say "first" because it was the first of four cruises we took on this ship.

Whilst more seasoned cruisers were calling this ship "tired" or "old" and even "small", it was total luxury to us. We had taken two cruises before, both on the six-deck Carousel. Island Star had twice as many decks almost and more waiting staff than I've seen since on a ship. You only needed to look up for a waiter and one was there.

We flew out to Palma in Majorca on 5 August 2006. My camera had died the previous week and I had a new digital Canon SLR which I'm still using now. It took my old lenses, bought in the days when I had a Canon AE1, one of the most popular 35mm SLR cameras ever. Some scroat had nicked the camera during a burglary in the mid 1990s and I sincerely hope it somehow exploded and did painful damage to them...

Anyway, now we are onboard we are naturally thinking about food - something which is abundantly plentiful on a cruise ship!

Miss Franny here is nursing a glass of wine, probably not her first and we are eagerly awaiting a meal after finding our way around the ship. To come during this week are trips to Monaco, Florence, Marseilles, Barcelona and Ibiza.

After the meal we took the (pitiful) remains of the bottle of wine up on the rear deck and drank whilst watching the evening grow darker.

As the street lights came on and lights on the marina piers lit up, Palma was transformed into a fairyland of lights set against an orange sky.

Large versions of the photos: Island Star, Palma day, Fran, Palma night

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