Monday, 18 July 2011

A Look Around Villefranche

7 August 2006. We have arrived back at Villefranche after our excursion to Monaco and Monte Carlo.

Most of the passengers seemed to head straight for the tender boats at the quayside to go back to the ship. But it wasn't late at all so we decided to have a walk around Villefranche and see what it had to offer.

Just look at this! This covered passage runs parallel to the seafront at the rear of the buildings along the Promenade. Had they made Pirates of the Mediterranean instead of the Caribbean, this would have been an obvious location!

The place is an absolute delight with shops and cafes to look into and sit outside and watch the hustle and bustle of the boatmen and the steady to and fro of the Island Star tender boats out to the cruise ship in the middle of the bay.

Eventually we made our way along the stone quay and waited with the few other cruisers heading back to the ship.

Inside the tender boat on our way back. An excursion out and two free boat rides! Tonight we sail for Italy and the port of La Spezia, from where we have booked to visit Florence.

Large versions of the photos: All of the photos from this holiday are now uploaded to this set at Flickr.

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