Saturday, 27 September 2014

Postcard Time - Drop Me A Line!

Today we had a run out to a local antiques warehouse - one of those where you can spend a couple of hours rummaging through lots of different stalls. I seem to spend ages thumbing through books, postcards and old records and today came home without any books...

I'll show you the records another time, but for now here's a couple of the postcards that took my fancy.

The first one is a rather pointed message, sent from Manchester on 4 August 1915, to a couple in Whitley Bay over on the north east coast. The sender says simply: "Love from Marjorie". Do I sense a slight rebuke?

The other one for today is a painted view of a rather tiny Keswick in Cumberland, as it was then - Cumbria now. I think there's a couple more buildings these days...

The written message is in keeping with the printed message on the front, but with not many more words written on the reverse than the last postcard had. This was sent on 31 December 1907 from Weymouth to a Miss E Crabb in the same town - ah, a romance? The message says simply: "A Happy New Year to you, Joe"

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