Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Waiting for the Accident

An exciting interlude on my way to Edinburgh today.

Approaching the city from the south via the town of Biggar, I found myself following an extremely aged large saloon, possibly a Jag XK120 or XK140 which was bouncing about, half covered by plastic sheeting on the back of a trailer being towed by a large 4x4.

It was bouncing about because the twerp in the 4x4 couldn't grasp that the trailer was wider than his car and he was driving right up to the edge of the road, sometimes kerbstones, sometimes grass verge and sometimes fairly large rocks.

The trailer, being wider than the car was obliged to travel on the rough grass verges, bounce over the rocks and mostly scrape the side of its wheel along the kerbs. I kept well back, waiting for the trailer's tyre to explode and shred...

However, there isn't always justice and he eventually turned off, narrowly missing being hit by an oncoming wagon. Perhaps he later got out of the 4x4 and did a double take at the trailer and vintage car, saying, "Where the hell did that come from?!?" He certainly didn't seem to know it was there!

I was driving so I've no photo to add to this - you'll just have to imagine me driving along in the choking dust that he kept throwing up from verge and gutter...

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