Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Dailey and Wayne Revisited

There's a couple of entries about the comedy act Dailey and Wayne on the blog and occasionally they strike a chord with someone.

Recently it was Karen who wrote all the way from Melbourne in Australia to say:

"Dear John

I stumbled upon your page today, after trying to find something about Dailey & Wayne.

I inherited a pile of old programmes and amongst them was one from 1971's Royal Variety Performance. Inside were several signatures by the appearing acts (including Tommy Cooper!) There was an autographed page, which I have included with this email, of the aforementioned comedians.

I know nothing about them, but thought you may be interested in seeing it.


Well thanks very much Karen for taking the trouble to write and send the photo. Any more links and memories out there, folks?


  1. This brings back memories my husband was friendly with them had some great times with them in the 70s

  2. My dad used to manage Daley and Wayne, he also managed Jerry Drosey, I remember staying with Jerry for a couple of weeks when I was around 4 yrs old, before his breakthrough. My dads name is John Bamborough. Tracey - Much Hoole, Preston

    1. Tracey, I have 3 posts about Dailey and Wayne so am not sure which this comment was meant for - somehow it was left against a post with a totally different subject, so have copied and pasted to here. x


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