Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Snow Across the Atlantic

The Ladies-Over-The-Water have been scoffing at my precious inch of snow (now almost totally gone) and sending photos of their collection that they have been storing in freezers from winters over the last ten years or so. They have spread it about and photographed it and will now no doubt be parcelling it up to go back in the freezer for next year...

Amanda started the snowball rolling with this shot of Virginia Beach taken on Boxing Day.

Marlene up in Canada semed to have so little snow she was forced to don a Santa hat to give the photo a bit of interest. I mean... We had that much in Blackpool!

But then in the middle of the night whilst I was tucked up in bed (they keep strange hours over there), Amanda sent this to show it was still snowing in the USA (Under Several Accumulations). This is her hubby, Paul, hard at work digging the snow and putting it in sacks ready for the freezer and Amanda has cleverly thrown a handful of cotton wool balls up in the air to make it look like it is snowing!

And here she is the following day when they emptied the sacks briefly into the back garden to take her photo! Nice try, ladies... but we're not so easily fooled in England!

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