Thursday, 14 January 2010

Pain and Able...

This week has seen me suffering with a bad back. Something I'm prone to every now and then. I've no idea what I did but somehow I must have bent or twisted a bit funny because since Sunday I've been hobbling about the house holding onto walls and furniture.

Every day has brought a little relief and I've been working from home, sitting at my desk on a dining chair for a bit of support. Now, on Wednesday, I'm able to get up and move about without holding on and just every now and then whimper in a quiet way when the twinges hit me.

As a friend said, "When I whimper quietly to myself the wife wants to know who I'm thinking of..." Well all I am thinking of at times of wincing is myself and the injustice of it all! It can't be time for the zimmer frame yet, surely...

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