Sunday, 17 June 2012

Meandering in Mykonos

27 May 2012 and the Thomson Celebration came into port at Mykonos town on Mykonos Island in Greece.

First impressions were very favourable - there was a topless girl on the beach not far from where we got off the shuttle bus from the ship...

With my usual luck, she was lying face down...

"There's a mosquito on your back!" shouted an old chap behind me hopefully. How childish, I thought, as Fran nudged me as a warning not to join in...

I suspect there's a healthy nightlife on the island. At 10:00am of a morning there's hardly anyone about at all apart from a few shop owners setting stalls and display stands out and a few old men sitting on the harbour wall energetically discussing something with much waving of arms. In other words... absolutely perfect!

The windmills are a major landmark for the town and if you have ever been or seen postcards or photos then this will be a familar sight.

The windmills date back as far as the 15th century and the distinctive thatch thus pre-date The Beatles' mop-tops!

Just down the hill is Zorba's Bar, looking very inviting. We had a wander around the town itself. Many of the streets are extremely narrow. Think of a crazy paving path only two stones wide and that's the street! Others are just about wide enough to accept traffic.

We watched with rising concern as an approaching car caused a van to swerve on a collision course with a line of bollards but with a series of soft THWACK! sounds as he hit them, they folded under the van's body and popped up again once he was past. They were made of rubber!

We suddenly came out onto a path on the edge of a low cliff and the scene was just idyllic. Just look at the colours of the sea. Why don't I live there?!?

We walked through the area known as Little Venice where balconies of buildings overhang the water. The only thing we were disappointed at was that we didn't see the pelican that everyone had told us we would see. Called Perseus, it has been another staple sight of Mykonos for many years. Perhaps he was on holiday that day...

The 1989 film Shirley Valentine was filmed here.

Large versions of the photos: All the photos from this holiday are now available from this set at Flickr.

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