Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Last Night on the Thomson Dream

Friday 24 May 2013 was our last night on board the Thomson Dream cruise ship. We had had a week on the cruise which was called Highlights of the Mediterranean.

It was the night of the parade of the baked alaska in the restaurant. We've seen and enjoyed this bit of fun on a number of cruises but it was David and Jeannie's first experience of it.

The chef (he has the burns to prove it on his arm!) decided he should have his photo taken as well as the head waiters who carried the flaming meringue and cake-encased ice cream!

Our Head Waiter, Manny, brings his baked alaska for a closer look. Miss Jeannie is wondering just how close it's going to get...!

The Argo Lounge, where we spent some time every evening.

The largest lounge was the Medusa Lounge which had a stage for cabaret at the far end.

The party band, Strum Jam, a cheerful, fun band who played a string of medium and fast beat hits. I can't say I was keen on the colour of the Stratocaster guitar but... And someone seems to be missing...

Aha! She spies us from the side of the stage and comes out for a photo call and a hug for David and I! We'll come again...!

The bar staff are kept busy at all times and are not averse to tossing bottles in the air as cocktails get mixed together!

We head back to the Argo Lounge and the slightly more mellow classical sounds from the Boros Art Duo.

Cecille brings another round of cocktails and we are settled for a while, to listen to the music and talk over the events of the week, which by now have all appeared on the blog!

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