Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Day at Sea and at Posh...

Sunday 19 May 2013. This was to be a day at sea whilst the Thomson Dream sailed from Palma, Majorca to Ajaccio in Corsica.

We had planned a fairly easy day. A bit of exploring the ship and a lot of lazing about. We had gone to bed around midnight, but apparently David and Jeannie had stayed up for one last cocktail - called a zombie, light rum, dark rum, and some other stuff as well - and ended up having a plate of chips at one o'clock in the morning, "because we could!"

Fran stands, coffee mug in hand, whilst Jeannie tries out her tiny pair of binoculars - they were really neat and surprisingly good quality to look through. We stood hopefully at the ship's rail for a bit but the whales were staying well away and the only seals we saw were those around the windows...

The day wound itself along very nicely. I finished the book I was reading and searched my Kindle's contents for something else, settling on the first of the Sherlock Holmes works - the whole collection of which had cost me absolutely nothing.

That night was the Captain's Cocktail Party and a formal meal. Not everyone's thing and it wasn't compulsory, but we enjoyed dressing up for the evening and scrubbed up pretty ok I think!

Manny remembered our names from the previous night and waved us straight away to a table and with his team of Kurt on the wine and Larry helping at the table, they gave us such good service that we returned to them every night afterwards.

Yes we can't let this pass by without another look, can we? Take a good look, folks: you don't see Creeping Bentgrass looking this good all that often!

Tomorrow we make landfall at Corsica. Ajaccio is the birthplace of one of David's most admired historic figures - Napoleon Bonaparte.

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