Saturday, 17 March 2007

Two in a Bed...

Cats I mean... This normally spells trouble. I got up this morning, despatched to make the coffee as Fran was in work for 7:00am and the cats had decided to bunk up in one bed rather than use the other (larger) bed.

Normally Jess has a thing for standing, sitting or lying using Tigger as a pillow, but this morning she was sprawled out on top of him, bum hanging over the edge of the bed and Jess looking just a touch resigned at the unusual state of affairs...

It's been a bit of a musical morning for me - the band have a gig tonight so I've been getting ready for that, more about that on the band's blog. It's a busy weekend all round as tomorrow we have the family coming round - there's a few birthdays in March and three of us will have had or are about to have one! Next week will see me in Leeds for the AoC NILTA conference and then rushing off to Taunton to give a session at a seminar on bidding for project funding.

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  1. Too funny! Cats are such characters - I don't know how boring life would be without our three. Great shot and story there!


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