Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sailing into Gorleston

A quick one for the ship enthusiasts out there. This is Gorleston, East Anglia. It stands facing east, a little south of Great Yarmouth and it's the place where the River Yare enters the sea.

The river heads south from Great Yarmouth and does a right angle turn at Gorleston to enter the sea. The docks extend for quite some way from just before the bend and Great Yarmouth has its own docks of course before the Yare turns inland and breaks up into tributaries and becomes part of the Broads.

I was there by chance as one of the service vessels for either gas/oil rigs or wind farms appeared on the horizon, obviously heading for harbour.

Sure enough it turned in and is seen here coming down the short stretch from the sea before the river turns.

I don't have a great deal to say to add any sense of commentary or description of the ship. A quick online search tells me that her last logged position was off the Yorkshire coast so I imagine she supplies the North Sea rigs.

She did enliven what was an otherwise quite dull afternoon in Gorleston for me. Fran and my Mum who were with me were spending money on the slot machines in a amusements arcade but, as expected, it had no pinball machines and I don't have much interest in spending a fortune watching moving shelves push money into the arcade owner's pocket. Nor do I feel the urge to try to make a weak-armed crane pick up stuffed animals...

So I walked down here to the river, bracing myself against the cold wind and putting up with the chatter of a ship nut who when I admitted to coming from Blackpool (trying to shut him up talking about the traffic in and out of the port) turned out to be a tram nut too...

Large versions of the photos: can be found at this set at Flickr.

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