Thursday, 16 May 2013

1960s Rochdale Photography Shop

The other day I introduced my great-uncle Percy Alston. He owned and ran a photographic shop on Spotland Road in Rochdale in the 1960s.

Last night I came across a photograph he took of the interior and counter. Behind the counter are films and boxes of photographic paper. On the left are boxes of either cine films or audio tapes. The magazine Movie Maker and another Cine related magazine are on sale from the stand on top of the counter.

The above shot shows Spotland Road, Rochdale, but unfortunately not the shop exterior. I'd guess at somewhere around 1963, but am happy for someone to tell me otherwise.

Uncle Percy sold tape recorders in the shop and I have a couple of tapes that he must have used when demonstrating machines to potential customers. Using a microphone to record his own voice he counts up from one to ten and then says "This is a recording made on the Grundig tape recorder. Any background noise you can hear is made by traffic passing by outside the window..." A canny lad, my great-uncle!

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