Thursday, 6 September 2012

Our Last Night at Lake Garda

21 August 2012. We take a last look round Riva on Tuesday night before we are picked up first thing in the morning for our transfer to Verona Airport.

We walked around the front of our hotel, Hotel Sole, and past the entrance to La Rocca, the castle and museum. This brings you to a small piazza.

In the building on the left was Reptiland - a zoological presentation of reptiles and snakes. For some reason Fran didn't want to go in...

Carrying on round the moat of La Rocca, the moored boats and view down to the lake is very pleasing. There is a camp site behind the lights to the left and the thump thump thump of loud music came from that direction. We weren't tempted to go closer to hear it properly...

We made our way back through the back streets and past pavement cafes. We weren't particularly wanting a late night as we had to be at the pickup point near the ferry ticket office by 7:00am.

So we arrived back at the main piazza and Hotel Portici, seen above and then skirted round to spend a last hour or so with a drink or two at the Cristallo bar and gelaterie. We would have quite liked a last ice cream too, but after our excellent dinner at the hotel, I'm not sure we would have been wise to have done so!

A last look at G Zanardelli, the paddle steamer, all tied up and secure for the night at her berth.

I have to say that spending a week at Riva is very relaxing. There's no rush to get anywhere. If you miss a ferry there'll be another one sooner or later and there's enough bars to be able to sit and wait in comfort and with your favourite drink to hand.

So that's our holiday over. In the morning we get up bleary eyed and knowing the breakfast room will not yet be open. However the night porter at Hotel Sole makes us a cappuchino and brings a selection of breakfast bars (some nice and some like nothing I have ever tasted before or wish to again...!)

The coach turns up on time and Verona airport is small but ok. There's not a lot of food available there though - a tip for anyone who might be going there!

That wraps up this holiday but for a return to the Dolomites tour to finish off the stop in Ortisei that I forgot about!

Large versions of the photos: All the photos from this holiday are available in this set at Flickr.

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