Friday, 7 September 2012

Ortisei in the Italian Sud Tirol

Friday 17 August. We were on the return leg of our trip to the Italian Dolomites and made a stop at the town of Ortisei.

This was a beautiful Tyrolean town, full of painted murals on the sides of hotels, flower boxes and sunshine. We parked in a large coach and car park next to a cable car that headed off up a mountain.

We had to cross the river to walk into the town, which we did by means of a foot bridge. The huge spa in he background is the Cavallino Bianco, it prides itself on its facilities for children and in fact at certain times you cannot book into the hotel unless there are children in your party.

We have around three quarters of an hour free time here - sounds a lot but it's not that much really! There's lots to see and many cafes to tempt you. One with a loo would be quite good actually... ahem... excuse me...

And then, just drink in that scenery. Absolutely gorgeous! Leaving the mirror behind, we venture down the hill into the town itself.

It has large wood carvings, a gorgeous and very quaint small clock tower made of blocks of wood and roofed with a steep slated roof a little like a steeple.

Fran optimistically buys a fridge magnet. I'm not sure there actually is any space on the fridge to put any more magnets. I reckon the weight of the fridge with all its decoration make it a good job we have solid floors on our ground floor...

The 45 minutes is up. We stand by the coach, reluctant to board it until the last minute so that the air-con can cool it down a few hundred degrees to a level of merely sweltering...

And that really is the last entry of this holiday. If you are reading the entries in order from the Flickr photo set then you have a few to go! I wrote this particular one out of sequence. I just like to keep you on your toes...

Large versions of the photos: I linked it already!!! You're supposed to be on your toes!

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