Monday, 3 September 2012

Last Day at Lake Garda

Tuesday 21 August 2012. It's our last day in Italy and we decide to take the ferry back to Malcesine for the morning.

It's a last trip on G. Zanardelli, the paddle ferry, which drops us off on time just over an hour after leaving Riva.

We follow our footsteps of earlier in the week and arrive at the castle, having pressed ourselves to one side to allow a little blue golf buggy bearing yet another bride and groom come past on their way up to the castle for their wedding. I'm not sure where these came from, but we were spared having to listen to the speeches for this one over our evening dinner!

An art gallery near the castle. Not having a window turned out to be no problem at all...

I was surprised really at the scarcity of art galleries and artists. The place is really made for painters. In Cornwall in England you trip over their easels all the time and every second shop is an art gallery, yet here, with all the lovely scenery and all the good weather, I don't think I saw anyone other than myself sketching or painting all week! Very strange!

Maybe the artists were all indoors, painting ceilings? We walked past this beautiful hall on our way back down the hill. At the far end was a glorious view of the lake, but the difference in lighting levels outdid the camera's best efforts!

I'm not sure what this place was, but the door was open and inviting and I allowed myself to be invited!

A Kodak sign! Snap them while you can... Technology is wonderful - but it has consequences for anyone who worked in areas being obliterated either through alternative digital ways of working or through automation.

We spend the morning and have our lunch in Malcesine and then catch the ferry back to Riva via Limone and Torbole and arrive back to dock next to the Brescia.

We spend the afternoon lazing and reading, drinking Aperol Spritzes and then heading back to the hotel to pack for tomorrow's very early start. So just two entries to come from this holiday - a last look at Riva by night and then... a confession...

Remember our trip to the Dolomites? I said we called on our return trip to the town of Ortisei. And then I missed writing about that afternoon stop! So I will add that in - a little out of sequence. But it will be linked in sequence in the Flickr set where you can find all the photos of the holiday available as large versions.

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