Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lincoln at Night

On Tuesday night I arrived in Lincoln, prior to running some Project Management training at the university. After checking into the hotel I needed to stretch my legs and found a large shopping mall opposite the hotel.

Whilst most of the shops were already closed and others were in the midst of closing, I did see this excellent view of the cathedral from a bridge over a river, which I later found to be the River Witham.

I'd left the camera in the hotel and mentally kicked myself. Dodging into a Costa, I decided during the course of a small latte that it was too good a view not to record and after the coffee walked back to the hotel, returning with the camera.

The superb dark blue sky had gone black of course by the time I got back, but even so, it was worth the taking I think! I hope you agree!

Large version of the photo: Lincoln cathedral

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