Sunday, 1 September 2013

Blackpool Gateway Progress

The last time I had a look at the Blackpool Gateway building work was way back in April. So I thought it was time for another look!

I'm up on top of Wilkinsons car park on Talbot Road. We're looking at Cookson Street, as it joins Talbot Road. New council offices are being built on the left, on the site of the Your Father's Moustache club and a couple of car parks. On the right is what used to be the bus station.

The old bus station hasn't been a bus station for quite a bit really. It was a dark, dangerous place to be where buses came in at one side, maneuvered to orientate them to the right place and left via a second exit. The stands were completely uncluttered by pavement, so would be passengers had to cross a large expanse of what was virtually an indoor road where queues often had to move to allow another bus into an adjoining space.

It had a number of years of use as a car park and the plans now are to turn the upper storeys into a multi-storey car park - it did have that function before... and introduce retail outlets on the ground floor.

A little further inland, a supermarket is being built on what used to be Seed Street car park and before that Blackpool's only WWII bomb site. It was hard to tell the difference...

Shifting the lens to telephoto, here is the Ramsden Arms hotel and beyond the tower blocks of Queen's Park, themselves scheduled to come down before too long. They are to be taken down a floor at a time, rather than dropped with explosives. Takes all the fun out of it from a spectator point of view...

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