Sunday, 8 September 2013

Are There Any More Variations?

Every time I think I must have hit the limit on this photograph, another variation comes to light...

I had two night time views based on this - the original daylight photograph of Blackpool, taken on what is now the Middle Walk, looking from the Gynn down towards the Tower. Then this week I received a message from Jim Exley who kindly offered and then sent me the following version - which I include second in the sequence as they from here get rapidly more subjected to the somewhat wild imagination of the postcard company's artist... Jim, thanks very much.

Surely there must be another with aeroplanes, trams and elephants careering along the path...? You know where to send them!

But taking a step backwards (in time) let's have a look at a couple of shots of the same area before those little pavilions got built.

This is one of my earliest shots of the Middle Walk, a bit closer to the Gynn as the path curves eastwards behind us up the slope to the Gynn itself. There are no railings as yet and definitely no lighting.

A little later and the lower level Promenade has been built and railings have been erected to stop people from nosediving down the cliff. Sloping paths lead down from the road level pavement. The pavilions were added when the roadway above was widened, driving the pavement over the cliff. In the top photo you'll see that the arcades are roofed with the pavement above them. Where the two sloping paths meet, pavilions were built all the way along Middle Walk.


  1. Glad you could make use of it, John. I rather like the fancifully augmented versions. If it's not too philosophical, they represent (for me, at least) a child's-eye view of the Illuminations. There are several other examples of Advance Series postcard trickery that I've seen, but as they're not cards in my own collection, I regret I can't supply them. If I manage to nail any more, I will certainly supply them!

    1. Thanks once again Jim, or Fred.... Who is that masked man...?


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